Adventures in Freelancing

Hello there, avid reader.

I assume you’re avid because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading a post without any mention of a movie in the title. So thanks.

In short, I haven’t been updating the place as much as I planned on, but for the best possible reason – I’m writing elsewhere for fame and profit.

So from now on I’ll be posting updates with links to my writings on other sites as they come along. ¬†As for this blog, it’ll continue to be mostly movie reviews, but with the occasional editorial or analysis that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Next on the docket for original Popcorn content is a follow-up to a relatively recent case study that a friend of mine suggested I re-examine.

So yes; I now do requests.

Thanks for reading (if you did; if not, forget it). Stick around and stay tuned.


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