Panic On Our Hands On The Fourth Of July

Happy America Day, everybody.

Hope you’re eating some wieners and drinking some ice cold Narragansett lager (only if you’re of legal age and always in moderation).  After all, today is a holiday, one that comes about as often as one of my blog posts.

Quint Beer

This post is about changing that.

I find that I’ve hogtied and hamstrung myself with the kinds of posts I make. Everything so far has been a relatively dense look at the making and reception of a movie or a stylistic comparison between films and filmmakers.  I used that framework to make sure whatever I wrote was worthwhile, that I wasn’t just writing to write (which isn’t devoid of merit, though not necessarily to the reader).  On account, I’ve doubted my way out of more posts than I’d care to admit.  I attempted some themed reviews, but I managed to talk my way out of continuing those, too.

I have no excuses for my paltry output, at least none valid.


So from here on out, I’ll be writing a lot more standard reviews and general opinions about trends in film and filmmaking.

Why did I feel the need to write all this out to you?

Because I try to write like the world is reading, like this is a real site with a real audience. So on this, our Independence Day, I declare I’ll be turning out more stuff from now on.

If I don’t, somebody, I don’t know, step on my foot or something. It’ll get the point across.

In the mean time, throw in a movie, make some Kool-Aid and listen to the drunk neighbors blowing up the sky.

Just don’t go in the water.



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