Welcome! Find a seat.

Howdy and welcome to this blog.

I don’t really know why I started it other than I like movies.  And people have started blogs about far less. So there.

I’ll be writing movie reviews for new features and old, point-of-view essays which might prompt seeing a movie in a new way and sometimes just opinions about movies in general.

Which is really what the name of the blog is all about.  My favorite movies all run along similar lines.  Ghostbusters. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Die Hard. Jurassic Park.

They’re popcorn movies.  They’re impeccably well-made popcorn movies, but they fit the bill just the same.

And they’re harder to come by these days.  To quote a character from one of the very movies I have a problem with, “Why so serious?”

Even if a movie wants to take itself seriously, that shouldn’t come at the expense of the audience having fun.

And with that, I hope you have fun here.



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